Gaming Home Page for my workshop content, game images, game videos and alike material for the theme park builder developed & published by
Frontier Developments released
 worldwide 17 Nov 2016

What makes Planet Coaster so popular with millions of followers playing the game? Is it the special effects when building and plopping building pieces or just the music itself. Is it the ability to build whatever your imagination digs up in a free style lego-style builder or the ability to ride the coasters in first person mode or just a combination of it all. Well it all started when Frontier Developments announced the game as Coaster Park Tycoon on 29 January 2015 and fans went crazy over the fact that an updated theme park builder was in the works after the long wait from RCT3. Frontier clearly demonstrated that they wanted to make a true theme park builder in the style of the Roller Coaster Tycoon Series that would evoke imagination, create a unique gaming character, and give fans the theme park builder they had been glamouring for years with full Steam workshop support. Realizing that the Tycoon name had been overplayed in theme park building games, Frontier wisely re-named the project to Planet Coaster at E3 2015. It became the second self-published title for Frontier and was a immediate success selling over 400,000 copies in its first release month with two million copies being sold as of January 2019. It also gave Frontier the ability to create a whole new series of games based off the Planet Coaster formula proving Frontier Developments had now become a well known self-publishing powerhouse in the gaming industry.




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